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About Rue Margaux
Majell del Castillo wanted to start a blog as a creative platform for her to write about her part-time life in Paris and how she applies the French way of life into her daily American life in LA.  She also wanted a place to share travel tips and her favorite things (from beauty and fashion to gastronomy).  She's been a Francophile since she was little and always dreamt of visiting Paris.  When Majell visited Paris for the first time, it woke up every sense of her being.  Was it culture shock?  Not necessarily.  She was enamored by the French and the way they live.  It gave her a whole new perspective of life, which felt so liberating.  Since then, she has traveled back to Paris every year.

About Moi
Majell del Castillo is a Los Angeles-based Francophile and event planner by trade and a travel photographer by passion, whose photography work focuses on urban landscape and street photography in Paris.  She is a hybrid photographer, shooting film alongside digital.

Her love for photography started in high school where she learned the basics of film photography.  It wasn't until her first trip to Paris she re-discovered her love for the art of photography and has traveled yearly to Paris since then.  Her pictures have a romantic softness to them, capturing the spirit and soul of Paris and her people.  Thus, leaving the viewer feeling inspired to hop on a plane and travel to Paris or reconnect their memories of their time in Paris.

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Rue Margaux has had the pleasure of working with several brands and welcomes every collaborative opportunity that presents itself.  If you're interested in collaborating with Rue Margaux, send an email to ruemargaux@gmail.com

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