The Sinking House in Montmartre

March 31, 2018

The Sinking House is located next to Sacré-Cœur on the right (if you're looking at it).  Now before you go out and search for the sinking house in Montmartre you must know that the "sinking house" is, in fact, not sinking at all.  That's right folks.  It's just a camera trick that is quite simple.  Just tilt your camera to the left until the hill is leveled.  Or you can just use the SKRWT app to rotate the image. 



Remember, don't believe everything you see.


  1. Hey ! But i would like to know where exactly it is located :) merci en avance !

  2. Hi Diana! I just added a map at the end of the post. It is located next to Sacre-Coeur as the posts states. It is on the right hand side of the church (when you're looking straight at it). You can't miss it. If you stand on the final 2-3 steps of the church you should be able to get a good shot. I do recommend going there early so you won't get any people in your shot :)


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