Photography Walking Trail: A Scenic Stroll through Montmartre

March 4, 2018

I often get asked for recommendations on various things regarding Paris.  In the subject of photography, I try to geotag my photos on my Instagram account (@ruemargaux) to make it easier for everyone to find the places I photograph.  But sometimes geotag is just not enough, which brings me to the subject of this blog post.

As I was drumming up some topics to discuss on my blog, I thought about my first time in Paris.  I walked for hours and hours discovering as much of the city as I can.  Aside from the typical tourist stuff, I longed to discover the Paris seen by locals, but like many who have come to Paris for the first time, I asked myself "where do I start"?

Recently, I asked many of you following me on Instagram if you would like to see future blog posts of photography walking trails in Paris.  I was happy to receive an overwhelming "yes" vote!  So as promised, today's first photography walking trail post, one of many photography walking trails I plan to post, will take you through Montmartre.  I know many of you will benefit from this guide, but I encourage you to explore Paris on your own to make your own discoveries.

Prior to your walk around Montmartre, I encourage you to read my very first blog post, Exploring Montmartre, for some information on the things you'll see.  Montmartre is situated on a hilltop in the 18th arrondissement.  There are many stairs to climb so keep that in mind.  Take your time and enjoy the views.  Although this guide was created to give you a nice scenic walk that flows nicely, you don't have to follow my photography walking trail to the "T".  And remember you can always take the Funiculaire de Montmartre if you don't feel like taking the stairs to the top of the hill (it is marked on the Google Map below).  This guide starts at the Blanche metro station where you will see Moulin Rouge once you exit the metro.  It will take you through sites like the famous Cafe des Deux Moulins as seen in the movie "Amelie"; the singer, Dalida's home and the bust dedicated to her; Basilique du Sacré-Cœur; and through the historic quaint village of Montmartre.  The trail ends at the Le murs des je t'aime (Wall of Love) near the Abbesses metro station.  Enjoy!

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