Pretty Lattes in My Favorite Stylish Boutique

February 18, 2018

What happens when your favorite boutique opens a café?  You get one happy gal!  This weekend my favorite apparel boutique, Morning Lavender, just opened their lovely café within their boutique in lovely Downtown Tustin.  I couldn't be more happier because it's rare to find a café that serves two things I love, lavender + rose, not to mention in a form of lattes and milk teas.  You can now shop their stylish boutique whilst enjoying their delicious drinks and snacks served in pretty dining ware.  As pretty as their lattes are, I think it's worth mentioning that the Morning Lavender OC Café interior design is a great melange of elegance, sophistication, modern, fresh, and French-inspired with crystal chandeliers and Parisian bistro chairs that I'm always crazy about!  I think Marie-Antoinette would approve!  Just see below...

As my family relaxed in the café and took pictures in front of the wall of roses, I did a little shopping.

I purchased two sweaters I've been eyeing for a while:  the Roxanne Black Off-the-Shoulder Sweater and Carly Blush Twisty Sweater.

It's fun to watch Morning Lavender grow from an online women's boutique to opening two brick and mortar stores, one in their homebase in Downtown Tustin and the other in San Francisco.  If you're in Southern California and in the mood for some coffee and tea and can squeeze in a little shopping, you must stop by!



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