Keeping That Natural Glow While Traveling

February 5, 2018

Traveling can affect your skin.  From the pressurized environment in the plane to the differing climates from your hometown to your destination.  Every time I travel I feel like the moisture gets sucked out of my skin making it feel dull.  So this time I wanted to try something different.  I was on a quest to find tips and products that will help improve moisture and retain it while traveling.  Then, I came across Pour Moi, which I started using about a month before my trip back to Europe.  I did some research and I found out that Pour Moi is basically the world's first skincare system based on climate.  Whether in a tropical, desert, or cold, whatever climate you're in they've got you covered.  And being a francophile, I was even more thrilled that Pour Moi is also made in France!

Here is how I used Pour Moi's 3-step skincare system in two places with extremely different climates (Los Angeles and Paris/London) and while traveling:

Los Angeles - At the time I tried Pour Moi, it was December in Southern California.  It was unusually warm averaging about 73°F most days in December, but cold in the evening (about 50°F).

London and Paris - At the time I used Pour Moi, it was raining most days and definitely chilly.  Average temperature was 42°F.  Some days were windy with hail.  We spent a couple of days in Normandy, France and it was gusty.

Step 1:  Hydrating Balancer

I use this after washing my face.  It helps restore healthy pH levels and remove any remaining traces of makeup.  This toner is essential and leaves your skin refreshed, not stripped, and prepped for the next step.  I also use it on my neck.

Step 2:  Black or White Serum

It depends on your skin type.  The Black Serum is for dry to very dry skin types.  The White Serum is for combo, normal, or oily skin types.  Since I have dry skin, I'll only talk about my experience using the Black Serum.

A little bit goes a long way with this serum.  I apply a small amount all over my face after the hydrating balancer has set in my skin.  The serum is enriched with anti-aging, collagen boosting, and hydrating ingredients.  It feels light and silky on my skin.  With it's brightening properties, it gives a youthful glow.

Step 3:  Day Cream (Temperate for Normal/Mild Climate)

I used the Temperate Day Cream for the warm climate in Los Angeles.  The Day Cream locks in the moisturizing properties from the serum and creates a moisturizing barrier.  Day creams are enriched with anti-aging properties improving the skin's surface.

While I was in London and Paris, I switched to the Polar Day Cream.  I was pretty amazed how my skin stayed soft the entire day!  And keep in mind, I am an urban photographer so I'm up early in the morning walking around town taking pictures until the evening.

In the evening, I repeated steps 1 and 2, but used the Night Cream for step 3.

This 3-step Pour Moi routine is followed by my usual makeup routine, which is generally not heavy.  Also, I did not use foundation or blush during my flight to London.  However, I did use makeup (again not generally heavy) after following the 3-step Pour Moi routine during my flight back to Los Angeles.    I'm really happy with how my skin adjusted to the climate.  I don't think my skin would have stayed hydrated if I used my normal moisturizer, which was an over-the-counter unscented moisturizing cream.  In conclusion, whether you travel a lot or not it's worth the investment to take care of your skin.


Thanks Pour Moi for sponsoring this post.

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